Algaecide / Bactericide* / Fungicide

Cop-Kleen is a new copper-based product that controls many harmful foliar diseases. Cop-Kleen has excellent efficacy when used alone, but when used as part of a program approach it provides an invaluable resistance management tool with a multi-site, novel mode of action. Excellent formulation with optimal dispersion and tank mixability enables Cop-Kleen to serve as an integral mixing partner for most of the commonly used fungicides in crop production.

  • Excellent bio-availability
  • Low copper concentration
  • Excellent formulation
  • Optimal dispersion and mixability
  • Compatible with most fungicides
  • Made in the USA

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*Nonpublic Health Bacteria

Cop-Kleen control of almond blossom blight

Almond blossom blight control graph
  • Trial in Sanger, California
  • Preliminary data after two applications
  • First application of 64 oz/A, followed by two applications of three different Cop-Kleen rates (19.2, 32, and 51.2 oz/A)
  • Significant control of Blossom blight
  • All three rates of Cop-Kleen achieved the same level of control as standard (Kocide) with only 4.6%, 5.3%, and 6.3% metallic copper, respectively

Cop-Kleen control of walnut blight

Almond blossom blight control graph
  • Trial in Rio Oso, California
  • Preliminary data after four applications; 120 days after the first application
  • Significant control of Walnut blight by all rates of Cop-Kleen
  • Numerical rate response among the three rates of Cop-Kleen
  • All three rates of Cop-Kleen provided the same level of control as standard (Champion + Manzate) with only 14.4%, 16.7%, and 20% metallic copper, respectively